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Nabatanzi Joyce

My name is Joyce, and I am in preschool at Kyanja Primary School.  I am six years old, and I live with my parents and 5 siblings.  My favorite subject is English, and I want to be a mo...


Nabawunuka Jenny


Hello, my name is Jenny and I am three years old.  I live with my 7 brothers and sisters, my Father, Fred, and my Auntie in Kyanja Village in Uganda.  I will be joining t...


Nabiisubi Patricia

Hello, my name is Patricia, and I live with my Jaja (Grandmother) in Kyanja Village in Uganda.  My parents are very ill, so my grandmother cares for me and my 4 siblings. My grandmother ear...


Nabirye Kevina


Hi, I’m Kevina! I’m five years old and I’m in the baby class at school! I live in Uganda with my parents, three brothers, and my twin sister Gorret! We love to p...


Nabukeera Teopista

Hello, my name is Teopista, and I am four years old.  I attend Victoria Junior School where I am in preschool. I love to play with dolls, and I even help my family by sweeping and fetching ...


Nabwami Mercy


Hello, my name is Mercy, and I live in Kyanja Village with my sister Aidah, my Grandfather, and my older sister who cares for us.  Our parents abandoned us, and my sister Grac...


Nakanaabi Ritah


Hi! I’m Ritah and I’m six years old. This year, I was able to start Primary 1 (first grade)! I live in a house with my mom and my siblings. My dad used to live with us,...


Nakato Gorret


Hi, I am Gorret! I am five years old and I just started school in the baby class! I live with my parents, Kayinza and Godfrey, my three brothers, and my twin sister! We love to pl...


Nakazibule Ruth


Hello! My name is Ruth. I’m 12 years old and I’m in Primary grade 5. I live in Uganda with my parents and several of my siblings and cousins! We like to have lots of fun...


Nakilanda Sarah


Hello, I’m Sarah! I am eleven years old and in Primary 3 (third grade). I live in Lugazi, Uganda with my Jajja (grandmother) and two of my cousins. I have five siblings, but ...


Nakimere Jocelyn


Hello!  My name is Jocelyn, and I am 3 years old.  This year I will be starting school in the Baby Class (Pre-school) in Kyanja Village where I live.  I have 8 bro...


Nakimuli Deborah


Hi! My name is Deborah. I am six years old and in top class (kindergarten) at my school. I live in Uganda with my mom, jajja (grandmother), aunt, and some of my cousins. My dad l...