Welcome to the Sponsorship page.

Majeme Joram


Hi, I’m Joram! I’m four years old and I’m so excited to be able to start school soon! I live in Lugazi, Uganda with my mom, Maureen and my dad, Godfrey. My dad ma...


Mbalile Edrine

My name is Edrine, and I am 12 years old.  I am in fourth grade at Kasubi Primary School.  My favorite subject in school is Luganda, and I dream of becoming a policeman someday.  ...


Miiro Francis


Hi! I’m Francis! I am eight years old, and I am in Primary grade 2. I live with my jajja (grandmother) and some of my cousins. My grandmother works hard to provide for us. ...


Mirembe Promise

My name is Promise, and I am six years old.  I am in preschool at St John Junior School.  My favorite subject is English, and my dream is to become a teacher. I love skipping, playing ...


Miriam Stella

Hello, my name is Stella, and I am five years old.  I am in preschool, and I love to play hide and seek.  I would like to be a janitor when I grow up, because I love to sweep!  My...


Mpamurungi Precious

Hello! My name is Precious, and I am seven years old.  I go to Victoria Primary School, and am in second grade.  My favorite subject is Math, and when I grow up, I dream of becoming a ...


Mudondo Dorothy


Hello!  My name is Dorothy, and I am 7 years old.  This term, I will be joining P1 (1st Grade).  Since my father died, I live with my mother and 2 brothers in Kyan...


Mukasa Emmanuel


Hello, my name is Emmanuel, but my friends call me Mykasa.   I am 11 years old, and  I live in Kyanja Village with my parents and 8 brothers and sisters.  I ...


Mukasa Shafic


Hi, I’m Shafic! I’m 2 and ½ years old, and I just started school this year! I live at home with my mom and dad. They do lots of farming to make sure I am taken ...


Mukiibi Twaibu


Hey, I’m Twaibu! I’m 11 years old and I am in Primary grade 2. I live at home with my parents, my sister, and my three brothers.  To help my parents around the ho...


Muyibwa Ronald

Hello, I’m Ronald, and I am nine years old.  I live with my parents and three siblings.  I am in second grade at Kasubi School and my favorite subject is math.  I love to pl...


Muyomba Peterson


Hello, my name is Peterson, but I am called Kizza.  I live in Kyanja Village with my brother Nisha, my parents, Stephen and Susan, and Robert, an orphan that our family has...