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Wadada Denis


Hello!  My name is Denis, and I am eight years old.  I go to Kyanja Primary school. My favorite subject is numbers, and I dream of becoming an electrician someday.  ...


Wamesa Sulaiman


Hi, I’m Sulaiman (but you can call me Solomon). I’m three and a half years old, and I just started school this year! I have five siblings, but they’re much old...


Wampamba Patrick


Hello, my name is Patrick, and I am the oldest of 9 children living in my home with my parents.  I am 15 years old, and will be joining P6 (6th Grade) this year.  My fa...


Wanyana Nora


Hello, my name is Nora, but my friends call me Sharifa.  I am five years old.  I would love to start school again.  I started school last year, but had an accident th...


Wassawa Charles


Hello, my name is Wassawa, and my twin brother, Kato, and I live in Kyanja Village with our parents and two brothers.  I am 7 years old, and will be entering Primary 2 (2nd ...


Wassawa Hassan

Hello!  My name is Wassawa, and I am six years old.  I attend pre-school at Kasubi Primary School, and I want to be a pilot when I grow up!  I love to play hide and seek, and I he...


Weetaka Vincent

Hi, I’m Vincent. I’m 13 years old, and this year I’m in 4th grade. I live at home with my mom, dad, and four siblings. My parents do a lot of farming to provide for our family,...

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Yinda Bernard


Hello, my name is Bernard, and I am 6 years old.  My parents died of AIDS when I was just 2 years old, leaving me and my 3 siblings orphaned.  I have not been able to s...


Zagombya Sarah


Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am 6 years old. This term I will be joining Top Class (Pre-school) and I live with my mother and 2 siblings in Kikoma Village in Uganda.  My mot...


Zarwango Winnie


Hello, my name is Winnie, and I am the oldest of 7 children.  I live with my mother and brothers and sisters in Kyanja Village in Uganda.  I am 13 years old, and will be...